Dota 2 Hero Viewer

Download from Android store

App showcase on youtube

Now it is possible to bring your favorite DOTA stars right next to you with the help of this app.

DOTA 2 Hero Viewer will create realistic images of DOTA stars for you to closely experience them and enjoy their company whenever you want.
All you need to do is hold a high density picture in front of camera. for eg. credit card or currency note

Currently this application flaunts selected 17 heros, however remaining heros will be published soon.
So stay tuned.


– Hold device parallel to feature rich target image ( eg. currency ) and tap camera button.
– Always keep target image inside field of camera to see hero models.
– Click on “Hero Select” button to select different hero.
– Click on “Capture” button to capture hero and share it on Facebook.
– Click on “Your Name” to edit and change 3D text to your desire text.
– Works best on high end devices having camera more than 10 megapixel and having GPU.
– Use this app in well lit environment.
– Single tap to focus
– Double tap to access options menu


You can also use following image instead of currency.  Kindly download and print following image and use as an image target.



This free to use hero viewer app is not developed or sponsored by Valve corp. All the hero models, images and names are copyrighted by their respective owners.


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